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Who we are

Founded in June 1995 by Mu Hak You, GWI Group is a privately-owned São Paulo-based investment firm. GWI Group consists of two divisions - GWI Asset Management and GWI Real Estate.

GWI Asset Management is specialized in the Brazilian equity market and its investments are focused on large cap companies in the sectors of power, metals and mining, infrastructure, financial services and retail as well as in opportunistic sectors that stand out for dividend policy, corporate governance and upside potential.

Since 1999, we provide asset management to wealthy individuals and our business have expanded to serve institutional investors in Brazil and abroad. Our value investing philosophy aligned with a solid track record and client-oriented service enable us to increase and preserve our clients´ wealth.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To create value and wealth to our shareholders, employees and community at large by managing our investments in a competent, transparent and responsible way, always coping with taxing and social obligations.

To expand and be recognized in Brazil and abroad as the premier investment firm specialized in the Brazilian equity market by delivering superior performance with low costs and outstanding client service.

Values: Our firm is built on solid corporate values such as Competence, Commitment, Transparency and Excellence.

  • Competence: We are in earnest pursuit of achieving the highest quality standard in all our activities by seeking and retaining qualified professionals and dealing with every decision accurately and quickly.
  • Commitment: Our interests are squarely aligned with those of our shareholders because our investment manager and employees not only invest their wealth in GWI´s funds but also they are paid with performance fee if only they deliver superior returns to our shareholders. We charge low administration fee to cover operational expenses.
  • Transparency: We establish an ethical, transparent and coherent attitude in all activities with the financial market and shareholders through dynamic communications, regular contact and detailed monthly performance reports.
  • Excellence:  We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake and exceed expectations.

São Paulo Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 3900 · cj 602 · 04538-132 · +55 11 3702 3200

A GWI Asset Management S.A. não comercializa quotas de fundos de investimentos ou qualquer outro ativo financeiro. A rentabilidade obtida no passado não representa garantia de resultados futuros. É recomendada a leitura cuidadosa do prospecto e regulamento do fundo de investimento pelo investidor ao aplicar seus recursos. Fundos de Investimento não contam com garantia do administrador, do gestor da carteira, de qualquer mecanismo de seguro, ou ainda, do Fundo Garantidor de Créditos/FGC. A rentabilidade não é líquida de impostos. O fundo de ações pode estar exposto à significativa concentração em ativos de poucos emissores, com riscos daí decorrentes. O objetivo do fundo é superar as oscilações do IBovespa, através de uma política de investimento ativa. Público alvo: investidores pessoas físicas e jurídicas em geral, que objetivem performance diferenciada em investimentos em renda variável.

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